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Welcome to my personal vlog.| My name is Sopheak. I'm a travel vlogger, an actor and a website founder.| Thank you for sparing time on my website and my channel on YouTube| To get to know about me and the content I produce, please kindly explore it. Thanks again for your priceless feedback.

About Me and Contact Me

Dear my valuable blog visitors!

  • Who are you? My name is Sopheak. I'm a video logger, a traveler and an  funny actor. 

  • What's in this blog? Videos about my personal opinions about life and the world, what I learnt from watching a movie (not really a movie review), of course my travel video logs and some videos about how to work on a career. And more in the future... stay tune!

  • Is that supposed to impress us? 
  • Maybe, I think some people might find it valuable and worth watching. :D

  • Why do you do that? 
  • Well, I know some people are looking for some inspirations and motivations, some are in need of other people's personal experiences to learn from and some maybe find my videos funny. Therefore, this blog aims to help educate and entertain my viewers at the same time. Wait... one more thing is that I learn new things when I do research. 

  • Your vision is to help your viewers through educational and entertaining videos?
  • Yes

  • How can you achieve this? I try my best  and use every way I can, but most of the time I do research.

  • What's your expectation? Not much but I hope this blog can help people at some points whether they just want to learn something new or expressing their opinions through their comments. I expect my viewers to participate in my blog so I can learn them too.